CONTISTAHL group includes the following companies as well:

AT&A is the largest stainless steel importer & supplier in Egypt and MENA region with capacity of 50,000 ton/ year. As we supply 70% of imported stainless steel materials to the whole region.
We provide superb product range of stainless steel in different sectors such as whit goods ( washing machines, water heaters ,refrigerators …..) construction sector, and many other industrial sectors

AT&T factory for circles: 
The factory supplies all cookware manufacturers and other industrial facilities with production capacity of 10,000 ton/ year.

Techno steel cookware company is one of the three key players In the Egyptian market with monthly capacity of 30,000 set of stainless cookware.

Techno trade company supplying the market with stainless steel handrail for all clients categories, whether mega project or individuals. As well we also produce partitions, balconies and other stainless steel customized  decoration